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Have you noticed those pleasant winter mornings that have been a bit more prevalent over the past month? April 2023 was the coldest April in the UAE in 25 years, according to a new data analysis by the National Center of Meteorology (NCM).

Addressing. National, Dr Ahmed Habib of NCM explained that scientists have collected data from 110 weather stations located around the UAE. Between 1998 and now, they took and analyzed data and temperature readings to determine their findings.

From this analysis, experts estimated that the average maximum temperature for April 2023 was 31.9 degrees Celsius. This is the lowest average maximum temperature recorded since 1998.

According to Dr Habib, unique conditions across the emirate contributed to the drop in temperature. The most important contributor was “an atmospheric pressure system that brought cold air masses from the Mediterranean Sea and northern Saudi Arabia.”

As a result of the pressure system, medium and high clouds moved from Saudi Arabia towards the UAE, blocking the sun’s rays and lowering the temperature.

In terms of temperature, the highest temperature was recorded in April at 41.6 degrees Celsius.

What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in UAE?

As we enter summer, we’ll be sadly saying goodbye to news of cooler weather, as we enter the scorching months of June, July and August.

If you wanted to know what the highest temperature ever recorded in the UAE was, it was a sweaty 52.1ºC (125.78ºF). It was recorded in July 2002 by expertly calibrated instruments.

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