Pre-marriage rituals like turmeric and henna are special for the bride and groom.
Ganapati is worshiped to complete the marriage rituals without any hindrance.
Other wedding rituals officially begin after the tilak.

Hindu Pre-Marriage Rituals: Marriage in Hinduism is not just about starting a new relationship. Rather, there are many rules associated with marriage in Hindu marriages that make this relationship sacred and special. During the wedding, the bride and groom are bound by the bond of seven births with traditional rituals and sacred mantras. All religions have different rules and practices of marriage. But there are certain rules and traditions that are generally followed in all Hindu marriages. These rituals take place before the wedding i.e. before marriage.

These rituals are very special and memorable especially for the bride and groom. Acharya Gurmeet Singh of Delhi Let us know about some such pre-marriage rituals.

Tilak ceremony is done before marriage. This is the first and most important wedding ritual, which takes place a few days before the wedding. In the tilak ceremony, the bride’s father or brother applies tilak on the groom’s forehead and he is given money, new clothes, fruits, nuts and sweets as offerings. After the tilak ceremony other wedding preparations are started.

Ganesha Puja
Lord Ganesha is said to be the first to be worshipped. Because they are worshiped first in every good and virtuous work. Even before starting the marriage rituals, Ganesh ji is worshiped at the house of both the bride and the groom. It is believed that due to this there is no disturbance in the marriage rituals and with the grace of Bipa, the rituals are completed auspiciously.

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Mehndi ceremonies are also held in marriages. On this day, henna is applied to the hands of the bride in the name of her future husband. Also on this day the groom also makes henna on his hands. Therefore, this ritual is one of the most special and memorable moments for the bride and groom.

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Not only the bride and groom but also the families and guests all enjoy the pre-wedding sangeet ceremony. In this ritual, people feel relieved from the stress of wedding preparations. In the earlier times, Banna Bani songs were sung on dholak etc. in music programs and women would gather together and sing Varpaksha or Vidhupaksha songs. But nowadays the popularity of DJ and blaring music functions in grand marriage function has increased a lot.

There is a belief behind the ritual of turmeric before marriage that it beautifies the face of Banna and Bani i.e. the bride and groom. On the other hand, turmeric is considered good from a religious point of view. Hence the ritual of turmeric is important during auspicious functions like marriage.

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