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Almora. The condition of health facilities in the hilly districts of Uttarakhand is so bad that people have to go to the cities for their treatment. The Medical College was founded in 2013 in the cultural city of Almora. The college took a long time to build and was also recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC) in the same year. Almora Medical College, built at a cost of crores, was short of doctors from the beginning. While Almora Medical College currently has about 60% shortage of doctors, in fact many doctors were sent here, but they have not joined yet. Now action will be taken against such doctors.

The knowledge is that even after the appointment of doctors, they are not joining. Some doctors from Dehradun and Haldwani also resigned from their posts after being transferred here. The reason is obvious that doctors don’t want to climb the mountain. However, some doctors have taken charge. Meanwhile, the NMC team is going to inspect the Almora Medical College soon.

Principal of the medical college Prof. CP Bhisoda said that almost all the preparations for the NMC inspection have been completed. Recently, NMC asked for affidavit, it has been sent. The second batch of MBBS will start from October November. Even before that, the NMC team can conduct the inspection. 3-4 doctors were transferred for medical college, so they have not joined yet, which will be action against them from government level.

Negligence of doctors can take a heavy toll on children.
Almora MLA Manoj Tiwari said that even after the establishment of a medical college here, patients are being referred to Haldwani. The doctors who are posted here are going to Haldwani on Friday and coming to Almora on Monday. If this trend continues then the NMC team should not cancel the recognition in future. After that, the dream of studying in this medical college will remain a dream of children.

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