68th National Film Awards 2022: Sane Khetar Mancha Samajalia Janara ’68th National Film Awards’ (68th National Film Awards 2022) Sahla came across New Delhi today. President Draupadi Murmu Yanchya quickly blessed by Hey Karanyat yet Ahet. ’68th National Film Awards’ popularly known as ‘Gosht Ek Pathanichi’ or Cinema. Ya Cinema ‘Best Marathi Cinema’ Cha award winning Karniayat has come.

The award for ‘Gosht Ek Pathanichi’ or Cinema’s Best Marathi Chatraptacha was presented by Karneet Alle. And Rahul Deshpande has come to present the National Film Award for Playback Singing. Rahul Deshpande aka ‘Main Vasant Rao’ or ‘Chatrapathasathi’ is here to be honored with the Best Gaikachia Award. ‘Godakth Aani Unwand’ or Cinemasathi Kishore Kadam Yana Special Jury Award Karnayat Ala. And ‘June’ cinematographer Siddharth Mainala presented the Special Mention Award to Karnat Ala Ahe.

’68th National Film Award’ Suhadimian Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting Anurag Thakur Mehnale, “National Film Award Ha Bharatal is the most prestigious film award. Ya awardee started in 1954 in the year Karanit Alle.”

Anurag Thakur read Mahanale, “Indian cinema has come to the cinema hall today. Pasravaniyacham works cinema, Padmage Dasanya Annikani is a cinematographer’s contribution Dallam Astam.

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