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Coderma. Two real minor brothers fought over a mobile in Domach police station area of ​​Koderma district of Jharkhand. In the clash between the two brothers, the elder brother Kiran Rana died while being taken to Sadar Hospital. The deceased Kiran Rana was 12 years old. Younger brother Taran Rana is only 7 years old. This heartbreaking incident is from Gaithiabad in Domach.

According to the information, the two brothers were fighting over the mobile phone. Meanwhile, elder brother Kiran Rana fell to the ground. And a sharp object entered his stomach. His family rushed him to Sadar Hospital, but he died on the way. The family brought the body home and buried it.

After the burial of the dead body, the police received information about the incident, then the police removed the buried body from the grave in the presence of the magistrate and sent it to Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. Police are investigating the matter. The police received information that the victim had been stabbed to death. Now only the postmortem report will tell whether the death of 12-year-old Kiran Rana was just an accident or was he killed as part of a conspiracy.

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