New Delhi. The heat is getting so hot that everyone is looking for ways to stay cool. Although people buy coolers, ACs to stay cool in summer, some people are unable to buy ACs or coolers due to low budget. This is why he manages to work with the fan. To buy a fan we first look at the budget and then we have to pay attention to its features.

So if you are told that there are many fans available in the market, which do not require electricity to run, you will surely be overjoyed. Actually, here we are talking about solar panel fan. Solar means that this fan does not require electricity to operate and it works on a solar energy system.

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Such fans not only give you comfort during the day by being charged by the sunlight, but also run smoothly for a few hours at night. This is because they have a battery charging system. That is, when there is no sun at night, or the sun is hidden during the day, they fly for hours without stopping. Let’s know about some of the cheapest solar fans available on Flipkart…

Most 12 Volt DC Fan Solar Panels: This solar fan is priced at Rs 329 on Flipkart. This solar fan works on a 12 volt battery. Also you can run it directly connected to solar panel, you can install it in your home as well as car cab or office. It comes with a 6-inch plastic fan blade.

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Electronics Crafts Table Solar Fan: This fan can be purchased on Flipkart for Rs 339. This fan also comes with 12 volt DC, and can be conveniently installed in the car, office or home. It is very light in weight, and can easily be carried anywhere.

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