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Varanasi. A unique tribute was paid to the martyred army men in Varanasi. At the famous Dashaswamedh Ghat, sky lamps were lit in memory of the brave soldiers amid the music of the army band. Meanwhile, along with police and army men, people belonging to different sections of the society also became witnesses. These are the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the dignity of the country during the Kargil war.

Sushant Mishra, associated with Ganga Seva Nidhi, said that the event has been held for 23 years to commemorate the victory day of the Kargil war. As part of this event, prayers are offered to Mother Ganga for the safety of the souls of the martyred soldiers in the month of Kartik. Along with this, celestial lamps are lit for them on bamboo shoots on the banks of the Ganges. A grand function is also organized here on the day of Dev Diwali and the Kashi Ghat looks like a Rajpath. Thousands of lamps are also lit during this time.

Know why Akashdeep is lit.

Let us tell you that the tradition of lighting the celestial lamp in Kashi in the month of Kartik is centuries old. It is believed that when the ancestors return to heaven after Pitru Paksha, lamps are lit for the entire month to pave their way. At Varanasi’s Panch Ganga Ghat, Adikesho Ghat, Raj Ghat, Dashaswamedh Ghat, Kedar Ghat, Asi Ghat and other ghats, you can see these celestial lamps shining like stars along the banks of the Ganga during the month of Kartik.

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