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Another star has been confirmed in Abu Dhabi’s winter 2022/23 calendar for an already spectacular universe of entertainment. Featuring the latest act, Post Malone. West Life, Disney on Ice, Andrea Boccelli, The Lion King Stage Show, Sting, Liam Gallagher, Kaiser Chiefs and Clean Bandits, Kendrick Lamar, The Swedish House Mafia, Dark pink, The UFC, WBA Championship Fight, F1, Exchange tennis, Jimmy CarrAnd Kevin Bridges,

And breathe. Booked for December 3, ‘Always Tired’ Rock star The rap impresario will take to the stage at Etihad Park, (formally Do Arena). ‘Wow’, just ‘Wow’.

Tickets for the event will go live from noon today, Friday 30 September 2022 and will be available via And Websites

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Post Malone, real name Austin Post — with Malone half of his stage moniker reportedly spit out from a rap name generator — isn’t an artist who cares much about expectations. Before his rap Billboard number one, Postey — an artist who most consistently cites Bob Dylan as his biggest influence — had already spent time playing guitar in a heavy metal band.

Seeking new sonic experiences, Malone switched tracks for Dreads, and grew a dedicated Soundcloud audience with his unique blend of hip-hop, trap, alt-rock, pop and electro. Genre-melting breakout hit on debut album Stoney2017’s Wishful was ‘Congratulations’, which features the artist rapping and singing over what would become signature trap drum loops.

The soulful hooks continued through his 2018 multi-award-winning second album, ‘Rockstar’, which hit the US 100 number one. His third album Hollywood is bleeding. Dropped just over a year later in 2019 and although it wanders around with a slightly better sound, the same skillful blending of musical styles threads through the tracklist. For a quick demo of audio diversity, channel your inner shuffle button and play ‘wah’ and ‘loops’ back-to-back, comparing musical notes.

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Return to sender

Post Malone’s December 2022 performance will not be the first time he has lit up the Yas Island stage. He was here for the 2018 F1 Yasalam after-race concerts, droppin’ bangers, and popin’ shawarma like a rock star. Her performance of ‘Congratulations’ is always emotional, offering a snapshot of the pre-stardom mindset of Melvin.

It also includes the line ‘Forgotten the holiday method worked so hard’. And that hasn’t changed. In addition to a Herculean work ethic that’s seen him release three albums in three years, play tours, host podcasts, enjoy numerous ‘featured’ credits — the New York state native has also somehow been featured in a Guy Ritchie movie. I got time to play acting roles. Wrath of Manand Peterburg’s Spenceryet we’ll vote his (five-time) collaboration with practical footwear brand, Crocs, as his most rapper-expectation-defying behavior.

One thing you can expect from a Post Malone concert is an epic show.

Etihad Park, Yas Island, 3 December. By ticket And Websites

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