Abdul Sattar: soon in the state poison free State Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar told that the policy of poison-free farming will be decided. It will be implemented through the Department of Agriculture. Sattar also said that farmers will get good profit if they produce coarse grains with the help of natural farming. He said that an independent government system would be made to certify organic farming. ‘Natural Farming’ State Level Conference 2022 was organized in Pune. Abdul Sattar was speaking in this program. On this occasion, Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and officials of the Agriculture Department were present.

Farmers will have to give information about natural farming

Efforts will be made by the Agriculture Department to convert the farmers towards natural farming. Sattar also said that food security would be at risk if soil health deteriorates. If the production of coarse cereals is taken from natural farming, then the farmers will benefit. Sattar said the government’s policy on poison-free farming would be decided soon. Sattar also said that emphasis should be laid on development of value chain to encourage natural farming and farmers who do such farming should be respected. It is necessary to guarantee financial benefits to the farmer. He also said that information about natural farming should be made available to the farmers. The problems of the farmers have been understood through this initiative ‘Ek Diwas Baliraja’. Helping them in natural farming will be considered. He said that this conference would be useful in future to empower the farmers and increase their income. Assistance for natural farming will be considered. Sattar also said that the conference on Natural Farming will be useful in future to empower the farmers and increase their income.

Festival of Geographical Indication Crops will be organized: Horticulture Minister Sandipan Bhumre

Horticulture Minister Sandipan Bhumre informed that the state of Maharashtra is leading in the production as well as export of fruits and vegetables in the country. Formulation of state’s independent agricultural export policy Maharashtra The first is the state. Fruits account for 65 percent of the country’s exports, 50 percent of vegetables and farmers have a major contribution in this. Abdul Sattar said that the area under fruit crops is increasing due to the inclusion of Bhausaheb Fundkar Bagh scheme in the revised MNREGA scheme.

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