Daughter-in-law brutally kills father-in-law in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.
After the death of her husband, she had a love affair with a neighbor.
The police arrested the accused woman and her lover.

Reva of Madhya Pradesh Bichia police station in Rewa revealed the sensational case of murder on Saturday. The daughter-in-law along with the lover killed the father-in-law. The police took action and arrested both the accused. It is being told that 1 month ago, the woman killed her father-in-law along with her lover for objecting in love. After that, the police arrested the accused woman involved in the incident as well as her alleged lover.

In fact, the woman’s husband died 3 years ago. After that, the woman had an immoral relationship with another man while living in the in-laws’ house. Her father-in-law came to know about this and the woman’s father-in-law filed an objection to the relationship. On which the woman along with her lover killed her father-in-law with a sharp weapon while he was sleeping.

The father-in-law knew about the daughter-in-law’s affair.

The incident is a month old when her father-in-law came to know about the woman’s relationship. The father-in-law asked the woman to stay away from the relationship. After that, the accused woman brutally killed her father-in-law along with her lover. In the morning, when the people of the house came to know about the incident, they immediately arrived. The police was informed. The police team reached the spot and collected evidence related to the incident. When the incident came to light, the police arrested the accused woman as well as her lover.

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First Publication: 01 October 2022, 18:24 IST

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