Rohit Bhatt/Almora. Monkeys and dogs have added to the woes of people in Uttarakhand’s Almora city. These animals suddenly attack passers-by. These stray dogs are everywhere for you to see. While these dogs are biting and injuring people, these monkeys are also attacking passers-by. Dog, monkey and cat bite patients arrived at Almora district hospital for anti-rabies injection.

At Almora District Hospital, when we came to know about the bites of dogs and monkeys, it was found that in the year 2022, about 1100 people have been bitten by dogs and monkeys. From January to August, 943 people were bitten by stray dogs and 144 by monkeys. Patients who are reaching the district hospital for anti-rabies injection. Every day 8 to 10 patients are reaching here for anti-rabies injection.

Monkeys are breaking into the house.
Sona Joshi, who came for anti-rabies injections due to monkey attack, said that she was bitten and injured by a monkey in her own house, she is constantly attacking someone, municipality and administration need to look into it. . With the terror of the monkeys and dogs, it seems as if a disaster has struck. Municipal EO Bharat Tripathi said that the municipality is continuously working on the sterilization of dogs and monkeys. In this regard, the municipality has sent tenders to several companies. Sterilization will be done. .

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