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Almora. Almora is called the cultural city of Uttarakhand due to its historical heritage. Dussehra of Almora is also famous. Almora’s Dussehra is the third in the country after Mysore and Kilo Manali. The Ram Leela here is also famous for the sculptures of the Ravana dynasty. Around two dozen statues are made here on the occasion of Dussehra. These sculptures are made by Hindus and Muslims together. Ganga Jamuni This movement will be seen in very few cities.

Artists stay up all night to make sculptures of Ravana family. This example of national unity has been going on for two decades. Whether it’s making statues for Ram Leela or Tajya – here Hindu Muslim communities build them together and show mutual harmony. Let us tell you that on the day of Dussehra these leaves are rolled all over Almora and after that these leaves are taken to the local stadium and burnt.

Shahnawaz Ansari said that he has been making effigies of Ravana family for 20-25 years. He said that many Hindu brothers also come to make tajiya and they continuously make tajiya during Dussehra as well as making thins. They want this tradition to continue and be followed by future generations.

Young artist Sunny Ansari said that he has been making the effigy of Akshay Kumar in Lala Bazaar for about 5 to 6 years. There is a lot to learn from making this sculpture. Apart from handicrafts, there are many other things to learn. They make idols of Ravana family overnight.

Aman Najoon said that Hindu Muslim brotherhood is visible in Almora. For the past several years, Hindu brothers have been making crowns here and people from the Muslim community have been making effigies of the Ravana family. This tradition has been going on for many years and everyone should come forward to maintain this tradition.

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