Elon Musk: Robot (robot) You have suffered from several films before. The robot works amazingly and surprises everyone. Only, Chitrapatanta Dasnari comes only with the power of imagination, only Chitratam Purti is not limited Rahili. The dream of a humanoid robot is to be fulfilled. Elon Musk, owner of electric car maker Tesla (Elon Musk) Namely, the humanoid robot Optimus was launched during the Tesla AI Day event.

Humanoid Robot Manajch Mansarakha Disnaara Robot. This robot will help you in many ways. Tyachi Composition Agdi Mansansarkhi Banwali a. Sadhya Ha Robotcha Prototype Winery Ahe Stijwar Chalnia Barobarach Ya Robotne Basilea Prakshkansmore Hathi Halwale. Or place a video vineyard in context. A geometric robot will have a moving box. Yeshweh has come to give water to Jhadna. Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus can handle many tasks with ease, says Yavron Dyson.

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Tesla Office, California These AI Day events would have been fruitful. Musk i.e. Singtles, Sakya Tutkia Lavakar came up with the goal of creating a proper humanoid robot. Kasturi i.e. Gallia must have given the information in mid-August or in Rubobdal Pehalananda. Now comes Prototype Winery.

Muschiya Mate, the electric car maker will produce millions of Optimus. Or the cost of the robot is simple 16 lakh rupees. According to a Reuters report, Musk’s company, Padhe Sangital, will start placing orders at the end of 3 to 5 years. Mere, or Robotwar Ajun Bardich has come to work. In just 5 to 10 years or so in the hands of this company, there have been many changes in robots.

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