US-Mexico firing: United States Mexican (Mexico Firing) City Madhavan Moti Batami Smore Still Ah. A mass shooting in the middle of City Hall, as soon as 10 people died. According to preliminary information, the Mayor’s wish came amid the death.

An unknown person entered the hall and…
According to Melia Mahiti, a program was about to start in the middle of the Mexican City Hall when an unknown person entered the hall, there was another thumbla and suddenly a bunch of bananas came out. Or Goli Barat 10 Janancha Motyu Jhala. Yat Meervaiti Tianche Wadel, Maji Mayor and Municipal Officer Tsich Polsanchahi Murteo Khmelache Sanganit is still there.

Bhantewar Bandukichia Gunianchia Khanna

Or after the incident, the entire campus becomes tense. What happened to the photos in the meantime? Jyat Eka Bhintivar Bandukichya Gonyanchya Khuna Dist hurt. Command 30-35 Gunia District Ahit. So the image of the policeman will come to the accused. Or don’t read the full case cover statement. Only one event or event has to be held accountable.

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