Deepika Padukone: Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone Nehmeech talks about mental health. He automatically saw a disappointed face. ACTRESS SADHYA TAMIL NADUTTAL TIRUVULUR YTHE ASUN, OCTOBER 10 ROSI JAGATIK MENTAL AROGYA DINANIMATA TACHYA MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION LOVE-LOVE-LAFCHIYA MADHATHON JANJAGARTI KARATE AHI. During a program, the actress gave important information about mental health. Narshiala how to get to Samor and or in the middle of autochi kaji kasi gyavi or badal tene singatle come.

Deepika herself came out with Ayushhit depression. It is not only depression, but only the thoughts of Tar Kadi Kadhi Tala Sohi. Or veal deepakne tachya or tila jhaliya tarashe at the end of a hard day share many incidents. On World Mental Health Day, there is a daily commentary.

Mahon Deepika founded the Kelly Institute.

Sadhya actress Tamil Nadutal Thiruvallur came to the middle. Deepika Padukone October 10 Rosie Jagtak Mental Arogya Dynameet Touche Mental Health Foundation Live-Love-Laugh Whether Rural Community Expands Mental Health Program Or, in the meantime, you’re raising awareness about depression and mental health. In mid-2015, Deepika revealed that she had bananas and was single, giving a depressed vibe. Jiuha ti automatically started yatun bahar ali, teh ti ‘love-lo-laugh’ chi establish ya sansthichi madatun disappointed lokana madat karnia.

The actress believes ‘Tiwa I Nasti Tar…’

Deepika did the same program depression change speech Sangatale, Majhya Aina depression Madhuan outside Padnias period. Ti mahanali, yechun all credit to me maya aila deen, mirror would make me miserable. Majhe me wadel bangalurumede raheche on har vele te mala bhitiala yache tewa me nehmich kambire. Mere, majhia ayushet ikke ke there would have been, jeha me aton filipne toton gel. Tivili Mala would have swam dhal ratpan janat. There is a strange meeting in many days, eighth days and months of the month of luxury. I must have come in a state of hope when I saw Vidal Mala Bhatiala. Tyachveli me tyachya kholit gele and suddenly Radu lagle. Rub the mug mirror and ask a question. Paan, Majhakade or question paper Uttarich Navati. Sangeetcha would have known the emptiness.

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