You can use the wheel as a cutting board.
If the spice is small, it can be easily rolled onto the rolling pin.

Tips and Tricks: Rolling bread is generally considered to be the most difficult task in the kitchen. Obviously, it is not possible to make round perfect breads for everyone. At the same time, usually only a rolling roller is used to roll the loaves. Did you know that the use of chakla balan is not only limited to making rotis? Rather, you can make many tasks easier with the help of a rolling pin. In most homes, the rolling pin of the rolling pin is used only for making rotis, after which people wash the cylinder of the rolling pin and keep it in the kitchen. Let’s know about some interesting uses of Chikla Balan.

Use in seasoning
By the way, people use a mortar to grind spices or other things in the kitchen. Most people prefer to avoid using Okhli for small jobs due to its heavy weight. In such a situation you can take the help of a rolling pin to crush or grind the material in small quantities. It will also keep your mouth clean and get your work done in a pinch.

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Use as a cutting board.
Many times people are afraid to cut the vegetable by holding it in their hands. This allows you to use the wheel as a chopping board. In such a case, if you cut the vegetables by placing them on the wheel, your vegetables will also be cut quickly and the risk of cutting your hands will also be reduced.

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Helpful in grinding roasted cumin seeds
With the help of a rolling pin, you can easily grind the spices used in daily tasks. From ground spices to roasted cumin, they can easily be ground on a wheel. For this, place the spices on a wheel and rub them with a rolling pin like rotis. This will grind your spices perfectly.

The configuration will work.
You can also use a rolling pin to shape things other than bread. Where you can shape the papads and cookies with the help of a rolling pin. On the other hand, using a rolling pin can be very helpful in making bread rolls and puris.

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