Rahul Gandhi has started the third leg of Bharat Jodu Yatra.
The former Congress president is currently on a padyatra in Karnataka.
Bharat Judo Yatra will pass through 12 states for 150 days.

Rohini Swami

Bangalore. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi is currently on a padyatra under the Bharat Jodu Yatra campaign. This 150-day campaign of Congress will pass through 12 states from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. During this time, Rahul Gandhi and his fellow passengers will travel around 3500 km. News 18 Bharat Jodu Yatra has spent a day trying to get a sense of Rahul Gandhi’s mood along with the routines of travelers and common people. Tell that Rahul Gandhi has reached Karnataka via Tamil Nadu and Kerala as part of India Jodu Yatra. This is the first BJP-ruled state so far, where the Congress is campaigning.

The day starts at 5 am
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s day starts at 5 am every day as part of the Bharat Jodo Yatra. As usual, he undergoes physiotherapy for his knees. Rahul Gandhi is one of the first to arrive for the flag hoisting at 6 am. After that, Rahul Gandhi gets fully prepared for the padyatra. Usually the padyatra starts from where the India Judo Yatra team spends the night. As the members gather, Rahul Gandhi’s caravan begins. The team members say that Rahul Gandhi walks very fast which shows his physical fitness. Initially the leader of the 60+ age group and fellow passengers walk in step with them, but their pace slows down over time due to physical condition. One of his fellow travelers says that Rahul Gandhi travels about 18 to 20 km a day. Common people also want to step in with Rahul Gandhi, but it is not possible due to security reasons.

A journey of 3500 km in 150 days, covering 12 states. Know all about Congress’ Bharat Jodu Yatra.

Want to meet Rahul.
As the day progresses, the sun gets hotter, yet Rahul Gandhi continues to greet people with a smiling face. People are gathering in large numbers hoping to meet Rahul. Rahul even invites some of them to meet him. He puts his hand on the man’s shoulder and keeps asking questions. If there are any children, Rahul also starts walking step by step with them. Congress leader Pawan Khera says that walking with Rahul Gandhi is not easy. He looks as fresh in the day as in the morning. Ordinary people give him and all of us a lot of energy.

Relationship and emotional connection
The question arises, how does Rahul Gandhi decide who to meet in the crowd? KC Venugopal, who constantly accompanies him on the Bharat Jodo Yatra, says the Congress leader has a special rapport and magic. He says that all the people Rahul Gandhi has called for a meeting so far, they all deserved it. Rahul says that one who understands pain, can always see it in others. On this basis he calls to meet the person who really needs help. KC Venugopal said that an 80-year-old woman in Thiruvananthapuram ran for about 2 km to meet Rahul, recognized him in the crowd and met him.

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