Jemima Rodriguez World Record: Men’s Asia Chishkantar Ajpason Women’s T20 Asia Cup 2022 (Women’s Asia Cup 2022) Spardhala started the campaign. In the face of salamicha, India scored 41 runs. Yaveli Indian team mate Jemima Rodrigues special honor Jemimane Yachveli a world record banana. Jemima Women’s Asia Cup spardhichia samanithal eka dawat most runs karnaniachia yadit dosya isthanwar pohochili ahi.

India Women Vs Sri Lanka Women Jayananthar Sri Lanka Moore 151 Run Challenge Astana Sri Lanka Sinhala Bharatane 18.2 wickets 109 runners submitted to Samana Jankala. Bharatakadon Jame 53 Chandut 76 Bananas. Yaveli three 11 fours and one hit. Yamule ti Asia Cup Spardechya Eka Dawat Most Raids Karananyachya Yadit Dusya Sthanavaar Pohochli Ahe. Indian cricketer Mithali Raj was dismissed after scoring 97 runs. Only Kamal Kelly would have been against Malaysia in mid-2018.

Highest scores in Women’s T20 Asia Cup:

play The attack Face
Mithali Raj 97 not out India vs Malaysia
Jemima Rodriguez 76 India vs Sri Lanka
Mithali Raj 73 not out India vs Pakistan
Mithali Raj 62 India vs Sri Lanka
Bisma Maruf 62 Pakistan vs Malaysia

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