The minor, arrested in connection with the Mohali RPG attack, has also been the PSO of a Baahubali leader for almost a year.
The Delhi Police team also searched the Baahubali leader’s house and called him to Delhi for questioning.
ISI paid Rs 10 lakh to minors for RPG attack on Police HQ in Mohali – Sources

New Delhi. A major revelation has been made in the interrogation of a minor arrested in the RPG attack case at the police headquarters in Mohali, Punjab on May 9. According to police sources, the accused in this case had taken shelter in the farmhouse of two Baahubali leaders of UP. According to the information received from the sources, during the interrogation, it was found that the shooters of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang involved in the Muswala murder case were also sheltered by the other accused at the house of these two leaders.

According to reports, the minor arrested in connection with the Mohali RPG attack has also been the PSO (personal security officer) of a Baahubali leader for almost a year. A team of Special Cell of Delhi Police also went to the house of this Baahubali leader to conduct a search operation and they were also issued a legal notice for questioning.

The Special Cell has also inquired that the Baahubali leader in Ayodhya in the past. According to police sources, the Baahubali leader will soon be called to Delhi for further questioning.

According to police sources, they have learned that another absconding mastermind of the Mohali RPG attack case, Deepak Sarkhpur, was associated with this minor with the Lawrence gang. Deepak Surakhpur himself took refuge in the farmhouse of a Baahubali leader in UP for several months while on the run.

In the police investigation, it has also come to light that Pakistani secret agency ISI had sent Rs 1 million to these two boys in return for the Mohali RPG attack. These two boys were given the task of maintaining their supremacy in Delhi by carrying out high-profile murders and creating an atmosphere of fear among other groups.

Delhi Police’s interrogation also revealed that the Lawrence Bishnoi gang has joined hands with Baahubali leaders from UP, Bihar and Jharkhand, to gradually expand their crime syndicate across several major states of India.

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