Mass shooting in Thailand: Thailand Chaya Ishanyakdal Province Balsangupan Kendrat Maji Police Karamcharyan Kelia Ordhand Goli Barat 22 Chamordianshah 34 Janancha Kron Akhir Jhala. Polsanchaya proktane yababat mehti dil ahi. The policemen gave chase after the bloodshed. According to media reports, Nong Bua-Limpho Yatal Balsangupan center eka bandokdharin ghsun golibar karnia mehrut, according to media reports, Deputy Police Spokesman Archon Kratong ie Rittersla Mahiti Dittana Sangitle ka.

The cops find a Novendhat, the gunman is a police officer, and the investigation begins. There is no other country in the middle of Thailand. However, the official figures do not include the number of unaccounted for weapons. Shejayankdun border disputed by Jyapaki for many years Olandoon Anya Gelya.

There was a mass shooting in Thailand. But, in the middle of 2020, 29 people were killed and 57 injured in Malmtechia Vyahor Chidlia Eka Senekane Char Thakani Kelia Haliyat Command.

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