Global Recession: Magill The global economy stalled after two years. Corona’s emphasis is usually on how long the economy is coming. It is all about worrying about things. By mid-2023, many countries are facing an economic slowdown, enforce it, as indicated by the International Monetary Fund. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) came out with a lot of concern.

Kristalina Georgieva, head of the International Monetary Fund, means that economic slowdowns in many countries in mid-2023 could signal such a recovery. Tya Mahanalya’s, by mid-2023, one-third of the country will face economic depression. Asha situation International Monetary Fund Aapala economic forecast Kami Karniachi prepared.

International Monetary Fund and World Bank East Kristalina Georgieva Mahanalia Annual Meeting, ‘Lokancha Uttarat Honari Ghat and Vidati Mahagai Yacha means many countries are facing economic recession. Padhal Varshi Yechman could see the evidence. ‘ 4th Quarter 6th Economic Style Kami Karo Ho Shakto, Asa Style Kristalina Georgieva Yanchia Bayan Oron Vertavala Jatoi.

In Russia, Ukraine came Kela Hala, Talachiya Vidhatya Kumti and food items, Sattyane Vadh. Timulch Muthiya Certificate Mahagai Vadhli Ahi. Tya Tulnet lokancham not born wadhlelam nahi. Kristalina Georgieva Mahanalias, jag bhartil sarva moatya economichi gitti dandavat ao. Short-term conditions and white and cloudy eyes. China Midheil Property Market is medium economic risk and touch. This is very worrying.

According to the International Monetary Fund, Vaditya Mahagila Controlled Thivanyasathi Jag Bharathil Central Bankana Appalam, the rhetoric about the tightening trend has been maintained. There is plenty of time and time between meals. Economic crisis came. Karjacha Boja and Vadach Jaat. Kristalina Georgieva Yanchaya Met is a global economy, crisis is not permanent. Much of the economy around the world travels out of Patil.

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