Dahi Handi 2022: Dahi Handi 2022: Critically injured Prithmesh Sawant or Trunche passed away today at KEM Hospital in Mumbai. Prithmeswara Magal month Bharapasun treatment would have started. Pneumonia during treatment. Meanwhile, he died of a heart attack today. Prithmesh Savanche will be 20 years old. Tyachiya is coming to Motne Ha Ke Keli Jati.

Yandachya Varshi Corona Mahasathicha Jor Osarlyane Dahihandivar Jalusht Sajri Karanyat Ali. The government must have seen that Yanda Dahindivar announced unlimited Isnar Asliachi. Prithmesh Ha Appalya would have been a co-Jhala in the local Mandalachya Govinda Pathkat. Dahi handi phudna govindachia tharavarn kosliyane first shala would have severe pain. Tyachya Pathicha Kanna must have fractured Jhala. Your body movements would have stopped. At Prithmeswar EM, the treatment of patients would have started in the high efficiency department.

Family trauma

Prithmesh Sawant has died due to death. Prithmesh Lahan Astana Tyachia Ache cancer umbilical cord will have died. At last Tiache Vadel and Behneche Ajarne died. I-Vadillanche Chhatra Harpalelya will take over first. ITIche teaching ghetnach delivery boy Mahon earns household food items pohochoniache kamahi. First, the cost of treatment would be high. Tyasathi would be of some help. The chief minister’s office would have had 5 lakh tenures.

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