New Delhi: Three National Spokespersons of the Congress Party have resigned. Party leader Gaurav Vallabh
Told in a press conference on Sunday that on the instructions of our Interim President Sonia Gandhi, I, Deepinder Hooda and Syed Nasir Hussain have resigned from the post of National Spokesperson for the fair election of the new President, so that this election will be remembered. . These three have been entrusted with the responsibility of campaigning in favor of Mallikarjan Kharge for the election of the Congress President. “I have always fought for principles,” said Malkajaran Kharge, who is contesting for the post of Congress president. I want to fight again and will proceed with the same principles.

Addressing the press conference, Mallikarjan Kharge said that on the day I filed my nomination papers, I resigned from the post of Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha for the party’s ‘one person, one post’ held in Udaipur. According to the decision. Today I am officially starting my campaign for the post of Congress Party President. Today is the birthday of Gandhiji and Shastriji, so I have chosen this day. One gave freedom to the country and another chanted ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ while keeping the country safe. So there could not have been a better day to start the election campaign.

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