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Dehradun Doon Animal Welfare Society in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is serving the helpless animals day and night. Animals that get sick or injured on the streets are treated thoroughly by the organization. Today more than 1500 cows are being served in the cowshed established by the society.

Doon Animal Welfare Association Trustee Ashu Arora says that wild animals are also part of our society. We should work for them as much as we can. Ashu said that in 2016, he started Doon Animal Welfare Organization. During this time he used to treat injured and sick animals on the streets and roads. But later when he saw the suffering of the cows, he decided to build Gosadan. He started Gusdan with 5 cows. In 2019 they had around 40 cows in their cowsheds and today they have 1500 cows in 3 villages. Ashu tells that his dream is to serve at least 10,000 cows in his lifetime.

Vijay Khanduja, a resident of Dehradun, praised Ashu Arora’s organization Doon Animal Welfare and his work, saying that the way this organization is working for helpless animals, if we all understand our responsibility and the road But those who come get sick. If you help animals, these helpless, helpless animals will not have to suffer so much.

If you come across a sick or injured cow in Dehradun, you can also contact this organization to help treat it. For this you can contact on 7900283333.

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