Patna. The crime graph in Bihar is continuously and rapidly increasing. Let alone common people, extortion messages are being sent to the mobile phones of police officers. The latest case is that of Danapur, adjacent to Patna, where two police station presidents of Patna have demanded an extortion of Rs. This threatening message came on the mobile phones of Manir police station chief Rajeev Ranjan and Rupaspur police station president Ramanuja Ram. These extortion messages are said to have come on the mobiles of Manir and Rupaspur police stations on September 28.

After receiving the threatening message, SHO Manir has registered the incident, while SHO Rupaspur has also registered a case in this case and started action and is talking about arresting the culprits soon. Police said that the mobile number from which this message came is being verified and the sender of the message will be arrested soon.

Police are trying to find out whether this extortion message was sent by an extortionist, a criminal or a person sent this message with the intention of trapping someone in two police stations simultaneously. However, after receiving threatening messages from two police stations, the police department is in a stir and the police are actively looking for the extortionist.

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First Publication: 03 October 2022, 07:38 IST

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