Even if the body starts producing more thyroid, the nails start to weaken.
As we age, nails become weak, discolored and damaged.

Weak nails are an early sign of disease Often when we fall ill and go to the doctor, the doctor sticks out his tongue and looks at the eyes, but the first thing he notices is the nails. In fact, many diseases can be detected first by the condition and color of the nails. That is why doctors look very carefully at the nails in some patients. Healthline According to the news, nails are made of a type of protein layer called keratin which protects our fingers and toes. Keratin builds and nourishes hair cells. Similarly, for hands and feet to have no infection or disease, it is important to have healthy nails. But due to many reasons, nails become weak. It can be a precursor to many diseases.

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Due to these reasons, the nails become weak.

  • AgingAging can weaken nails. Well, with age, nails start to look weak, dull and damaged. This is a normal process, but if the effect is too great, it can cause problems.
  • Deficiency of steel-If the body is deficient in iron, the nails start to look weak and discolored. This leads to a decrease in RBCs in the blood. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to take iron supplements. If the nails look discolored, be sure to see a doctor.
  • hypothyroid-Even if the body starts producing more thyroid, the nails start to weaken. This leads to hair fall and weight gain. Apart from this, there is also the problem of fatigue, depression and constipation.
  • Protein and magnesium deficiencyProtein and magnesium are needed to make keratin in the body. These ingredients help keep nails strong and flexible. Due to their deficiency, the nails become weak.
  • Raynaud’s syndrome-In Raynaud’s syndrome, which is related to blood circulation, the nails also start to weaken.

What should be done to strengthen nails?
Eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins to make nails strong. For vitamin B, eat egg yolks, dairy products, avocados, nuts, seeds and cabbage. Also, always moisturize the nails. If you don’t moisturize them, they will start to break later. Apply a moisturizing cream to the nails daily. Always keep nails clean. Never bite nails. Buff your nails in the same direction as the nails grow. Use a nail hardener to strengthen your nails. Do not use nail paint remover repeatedly. Choose a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone.

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