The incident caused panic among the students and anger among their parents.
The government said- 15 poison tests were done. The result was negative for all illegal drugs.
It was said on social media that the results of the cocaine test in the students have come positive.

Mexico City. At least 57 students were poisoned by an unknown substance at a rural secondary school in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. It was the third consecutive case of mass poisoning at schools in Chiapas on Friday. This caused panic among the students and outrage among their parents. The Mexican Social Security Institute said 57 teenage students from the rural community of Buchel arrived at a local hospital with symptoms of poisoning. The condition of one of them is critical, the institute said. who was sent to a hospital in the state capital. While the condition of the rest is stable.

According to Reuters, authorities did not speculate on the cause of the poisoning. While local media say that some parents believe that the incident happened due to contaminated water or food to the students. Buchel leaders said in a statement that they are saddened by the incidents and are cooperating with the state prosecutor’s investigation. On the other hand, in a video that has gone viral on social media, a scene of chaos is seen in the school. In which teenagers in school uniforms are seen being raised by adults looking worried. The state prosecutor’s office said on social media on Saturday that it had conducted 15 poison tests. The result was negative for all illegal drugs.

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While the news circulating on the local media and social media said that the results of the cocaine test in the students have come positive. A Facebook video on Saturday showed dozens of parents gathering at a secondary school basketball court. On the microphone, he demanded answers from the authorities about the incident. While more than a dozen police were present there. In the video, a man said his daughter was poisoned and tested positive for cocaine at a private lab with other students. Since September 23, local media have reported two more cases of mass poisoning in the town of Tapachula. Due to which dozens of students have been affected.

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