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Kanpur: Dussehra festival celebration starts with the beginning of Navaratri festival and during these nine days Ram Leela is held at different places. On the 10th day, after organizing a grand tableaux and fair, an effigy of Ravana is burnt to convey the message of the end of evil. On the other hand in Kanpur city more than 100 programs of Ram Leela are organized across the city. Kanpur’s parade is the most special event in Ramlila. Artists from all over the country gather here. People share the essence of Ramayana through Ram Leela. Ram Leela in Parade is special because it has been held with great enthusiasm since the time of the British.

This Ram Leela is 145 years old. This year, Ram Leela is being held for the 146th time. Once the British officer was also crazy about this Ram Leela. British officers used to reach Ramlila from evening. He was very impressed and cooperated. Senior officer of Shri Ram Leela Society Parade Kamal Kishore said that this Ram Leela is 145 years old. The most famous and largest Ram Leela of Kanpur is held here.

He said that due to Corona, this Ram Leela was not being held in a grand manner for the last two years. Also, during the Ram Leela, the main characters Lord Shri Rama, Lakshmana, Shatrughan, Bharata, Sita and Hanuman wear real gold crowns and ornaments. This tradition has been going on for hundreds of years. The gold ornaments belong to the Ram Leela Committee. which are used every year. During Ram Leela, no artist goes out on the days that this Ram Leela is organized.

This time a special laser show is also being organized on the occasion of Dussehra which will be the center of attention. A large crowd of people is also being seen. There is a lot of excitement among people regarding this festival.

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