New Delhi: The festival of Vijaya Dashmi was celebrated with great fanfare across the country. On this occasion people across the country burn ‘Ravan Dahan’ as a symbol of ‘victory of good over evil’. They burn away their evils with Ravana’s effigy and bring forth good things in their lives in the form of light emanating from it. Ravana’s effigy was burnt at different places of the country today. While former President Ram Nath Kovind along with the Vice President, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi were present during the burning of Ravana at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, CM Nitish Kumar cremated Ravana at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. Ravana was cremated at the Polo Ground in Ladakh and Ravana was cremated at the Parade Ground in Uttarakhand. Lankadhi Pati was burnt in Drisi Maidan of Punjab. At the same time, Ravana also took place in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Chief Minister Bomai encouraged people by participating in Mysore Dussehra. Check out some tableaus of effigies of Ravana in different parts of the country

1. Delhi:

2. Spring:

3. Ladakh

4. Uttarakhand:

5. Punjab:

6. Karnataka:

Apart from sporadic incidents, Ravana Dahan was celebrated with great fanfare across the country. In Haryana’s Yamuna Nagar, a stampede broke out after Ravana’s effigy fell on the crowd. Although there have been no reports of casualties, only a few people have been injured. At the same time, in some parts of North India like Lucknow, Ranchi, rain became the villain in Ravana Dahan.

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