50-year-old Shazia of Pakistan fell in love with 20-year-old Farooq.
Before marriage, Farooq used to work as a servant in Shazia’s house.
The love story of both is going viral on YouTube.

Fall in love in old age.. This life is stubborn to smile again. Yes that’s right, at the stage of life when you fall in love with someone, you don’t know anyone. Something similar happened to 50-year-old Shazia when she fell in love with her 30-year-old boy Farooq. Actually Farooq was a servant in Shazia’s house. When the love blossomed between the two, both of them did not even know. The couple is now married to each other. Their wedding story is going viral on YouTube.

Ghalib has a poem “There is no emphasis on love, fire is Ghalib”. That it should not be put on or extinguished. Something similar happened between these couples. It is said that when there is love, age difference does not matter. Both the persons are residents of Sargodha (Pakistan). YouTuber Syed Basit Ali recently spoke to the couple.

A love story
Shazia said that she used to live alone. Therefore, he kept Farooq as a servant in the house. He said that Farooq used to work very well, cook very well and take care of me. Shazia further said that she lived alone in her house and Farooq also had no one of his own. Thus both of them decided to get married. Farooq also praised Shazia. He said that Shazia treated him like a family member and not a servant.

The family was surprised at the decision of marriage.
Shazia said in the video that when she told her relatives about the decision to marry, they were shocked. Especially the relatives started questioning the age difference. Then Shazia said that when she was alone, then no one cared about her. Because of which he did not care about what his relatives said.

Farooq said that age is not seen in love, it is only seen how much the person in front cares for you. Farooq said in the video that he can do anything for Shazia, even give his life. At the same time, Shazia said – when they can give their life, why not me… I can also give my life for them.

After listening to the poem, he suggested.

Farooq said that Shazia had proposed to him after reading Shi Shah’s Lion.

The poem was like this:

“Touch your senses and bind me…

Complete what I have been incomplete for centuries.

Neither you know nor I know.

If you want to break up like this, drive me crazy.

On the other hand, the poem that Farooq recited to Shazia was something like this:

If the stars look at you, they will ask for life

will demand less from his thirsty servants

Don’t let the scarf slip off your shoulder.

Otherwise, even the old will ask for the blessings of youth!

Farooq only cooks.
Shazia smiled and told that food is always prepared by Farooq. At the same time when Syed Basit Ali asked both of them that do you fight? At this the two look at each other smiling and together — it hasn’t happened yet.

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