The Union Law Minister has given a statement on the election proposals sent to the government.
The Union Minister said that the government will take a decision after considering the proposals.
The Election Commission has sent around 70-80 proposals to the central government.

Arunima/New Delhi. There are many speculations about the changes in the electoral process in the country. Meanwhile, the Election Commission has already sent a number of proposals to the Law Ministry. On the other hand, Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju told CNN-News18 on Thursday that the central government will take an appropriate decision on the suggestions and advice sent by the Election Commission. The Polling Panel has proposed an addendum to the existing Model Code of Conduct (MCC) guidelines and the Commission has sought feedback from political parties on providing voters with authentic information on the financial viability of election promises and At the same time, political parties also have to give. Details of election promises

Law Minister K’s office tweeted earlier in the day that the Center will take steps after due consultation for important electoral reforms, which are necessary as per the changing times and circumstances. CNN-News18 has learned that the Election Commission has sent 70-80 proposals to the central government, demanding changes in the way elections are conducted in India. Apart from this, there are also changes in the Representation of the People Act. Top government officials told CNN News 18 that several rounds of meetings have been held over the past few weeks on the proposals and the Election Commission is now making last-minute changes after the Law Ministry’s input.

CNN-News18 also learned that some of the proposed changes include voting rights of NRIs, option of online voting, impersonation and transferable vote rules, and amendments to laws governing exit and plebiscite elections. Government officials said “one nation, one choice” is not part of the proposed reforms at this stage. A senior government official said, “A country-by-country election will take time as it requires extensive consultation.” On linking Aadhaar with electoral rolls, officials said it is being done on a voluntary basis. , but it is being “strongly encouraged”.

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