Elderly man fainted at Mathura Junction due to heart attack.
The RPF personnel who reached the spot saved their lives

Mathura Railway Protection Force personnel set an example of humanity at Mathura Junction in Uttar Pradesh. RPF personnel administered CPR on the spot to a passenger traveling in the train after he suffered a cardiac arrest from his wife. Meanwhile, the RPF jawans also showed humanity and admitted the passenger to the hospital for timely treatment, which saved his life. Everyone appreciated the work of Railway Protection Force officials.

Please inform that the Coimbatore Express from Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin to Thiruvananthapuram stopped at Mathura Junction Platform No. 2 on Friday midnight. Meanwhile, RPF Special Team personnel were seen gathering near the B4 coach of the train. Seeing the crowd, RPF personnel Ashok Kumar and Niranjan Singh immediately rushed to the spot. Where it was learned that a 67-year-old man traveling in the coach suffered a heart attack. After which the RPF personnel immediately administered CPR to the elder’s wife. Meanwhile, the RPF personnel kept massaging the hands and feet of the unconscious person.

He was sent to the hospital by ambulance.
RPF jawans Ashok Kumar and Niranjan Singh were the first to perform CPR on the unconscious elder through his wife Daya. Meanwhile, both of them started to mash other parts of their own bodies. Troopers reported to control to dispatch an ambulance. As soon as the information was received, Assistant Inspector Madan Singh reached the spot. The RPF personnel then brought Keswan to the circulation area with the help of a stretcher. Where he was sent to the hospital with the help of an ambulance. Meanwhile, RPF jawan Niranjan Singh was also with him. CPR administered by the RPF on the spot saved Keswan’s life and he was later rushed to the hospital. After taking quick action to save Keshwaan’s life, wife Diya and other passengers traveling in the train appreciated the humanitarian step of the RPF.

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