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Sivan. Bihar’s Siwan district will soon get the gift of a four-lane road. In this regard, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has approved the road to be constructed at a cost of Rs 1431.36 crore. In particular, the construction of the four-lane Ramjani road will soon provide a separate route for devotees of the district to visit Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama, and Janakpur, the birthplace of Mother Sita in Nepal. Along with this, common citizens will also have ease of transportation.

In fact, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will construct a 50-km long four-lane road from Siwan to Mashrak in the first phase. The central government has given approval for this. Ramjanki Marg is a road that connects Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Nepal. In its first phase, a total length of 50 km four-lane road will be constructed from Siwan to Mashreq, for which NHAI has already issued tenders for selection of the construction agency.

In the first phase, a 50 km long road will be constructed from Siwan to Mashrak.

The total length of the four-laning Ram Janki road is about 240 km. It will have a length of around 200 km from Bihar to Ramjan road. In the first phase of this road in Bihar, about 50 km long road will be constructed from Mehrona Ghat, Siwan to Mashrekh. Along with this, in the second phase, about 48 km from Musharakh to Chikiya, and in the third phase, about 103 km from Chikiya to Bhitmoor will be constructed. Apart from this, about 40 km road will be constructed from Mehrona Ghat in Uttar Pradesh to Siwan. Earlier this road was to be made of only two lanes, but later the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways approved to make it four lanes with the efforts of the Bihar government.

4 bypasses will be constructed from Siwan to Mashrak.

A total of four bypasses will be constructed in the first phase of Ramjanki Marg. It includes Sivan Bypass of about 4.63 km length, Tanarwa Bypass of about 7.38 km length, Basantpur Bypass of about 14.66 km length and Mashrak Bypass of about 2.29 km length. Apart from this, one major bridge, 14 minor bridges, 15 underpasses, one ROB and two grade separators will also be constructed.

The highway will go from Ayodhya to Janakpur through this route.

The Ram Janki Highway will start from Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram in Uttar Pradesh and end at Basti, Burhalganj, Mehrona Ghat, Siwan, Chikiya, Sitamarhi, Bhatta Mor, the birthplace of Mother Sita, Janakpur in Nepal.

Land will be taken from 45 villages of Siwan.

The Ram Janki Main Road will pass through four blocks and 45 villages of Siwan district. Around 45 villages of land will be acquired from Guthni, Merwa, Jeradi and Siwan Sadar blocks of the district. For this, land has been measured in Siwan. The District Land Acquisition Officer, Sub-Registrar along with other senior officers of the district visited the villages falling from Siwan Sadar to Guthni four months ago and surveyed the residential, non-residential, butt and other lands including marking. After which the final notice will be issued and the land acquisition work will be started.

Land is being acquired for four lane road.

Generally, more than 45 feet of land is acquired by NHAI for four lanes in total alignment. Also, up to 90 feet of land will be acquired to build the toll plaza. As per NHAI national standard, the width of two lanes is 18 feet ie total paved road of four lanes is 36 feet. Out of the remaining 10 feet of land, four feet of green belt in the middle and three to four feet of land reserve on both sides of the road are arranged. However, in case of less land acquisition, NHAI constructs two lane road instead of four lane. But four lanes will be constructed from Mehroli Ghat in Bihar to Siwan.

Notice will be issued by publishing the gazette.
The final gazette of land lying in Ramjanki Main Road in four blocks of Siwan district will be published soon, after which notices will be issued to the ryotdars. The ryotdars will be available before the department along with their documents. After that the land will be acquired by compensating them after investigation as per rules.

The Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways tweeted the information.
Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, Nitin Gadkari gave this information through his tweet. In a tweet from his Twitter handle, he wrote that the construction of four lanes of NH-531 including four lanes Tanarwa and Sivan Bypass under the Backward Area, Religious, Tourist (BRT) scheme in Bihar’s Saran district, four lanes from Sivan. Lane. 1431.36 crore construction and upgradation of NH-227A section has been approved.

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