The police recovered the looted goods, five mobiles including two arms and cartridges were also recovered
On September 13, a robbery took place in Azad Nagar area of ​​Thana City, all the robbers came from Batia.

Report. Govind Kumar

Gopalganj. If you start digging in the ground and suddenly gold and silver ornaments start coming out of it, you will also be surprised for a while. Something similar happened to the police investigating a robbery case in Bihar. In fact, police have arrested five robbers residing in Batia district after revealing the incident of robbery at the house of a retired railway employee in Bihar’s Gopalganj city. Among the arrested robbers is a suspended CRPF jawan who turned out to be the mastermind of the entire incident. The police have recovered the stolen gold and silver ornaments from the railway employee’s house inside the ground. Along with this, all items including mobile have also been recovered.

Informing about this, SP Anand Kumar said that two homemade pistols, three live cartridges, five mobiles and two stolen bikes were recovered from the arrested criminals.
Among the arrested criminals is Muhammad, a resident of Khera area of ​​Chhapra. Islamuddin Mian’s son Aslam turned out to be the mastermind, who was suspended from the CRPF 10 years ago.

Gold and silver were mined from the earth.

To avoid the police, the robbers took the stolen goods to Baitiya and hid them by digging a hole in the ground. Now preparations were underway to sell it, before the police raided and recovered the looted goods. Thus, there has been great success in recovering all the jewels looted in the Azad Nagar robbery. The SP said that among the five arrested criminals, Mohammad. Aslam had talked about serving as a youth in the CRPF 15 years ago. Which is being verified. Along with this, the criminal history records of all of them have been sought from the Batia Police.

Aslam lived on rent in a railway employee’s house.

According to reports, Aslam lived as a tenant in the house of a railway employee. He fully planned the robbery and called the robbers from Batia and carried out the crime. Along with Aslam, the police arrested Dipanshu Pandey alias Sachin son of Kedar Pandey resident of Dolarpatti village resident of Betiya district, Rahul Kumar son of Shambhu Sharma resident of Nutan police station Ghar Murlia tola, Goli Kumar and Sah son of Madan Sah of Jairam Briyarpur village, Shivlal Kumar. The son has also been arrested. Mo Aslam had also changed his Aadhaar card address and given the address of the destroyed military village of Batia’s Musafal police station, so that he could evade the police.

Know what is the whole matter

On the night of September 13, a robbery took place from the house of Sagheer Alam, a retired railwayman, in Ward 22 of Azad Nagar area of ​​Thana Nagar police station. The bandits robbed the entire family and escaped after looting property worth more than 10 lakhs including gold and silver. The police then conducted a forensic examination. More than 50 CCTV cameras were checked. After that, the police came to know that the criminals had gathered near Bhit Bhairava to carry out a big crime. The police, led by SDPO Sanjeev Kumar of President, conducted a raid and arrested all the five criminals. The robbery scandal came to light after the arrest and interrogation.

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