Despite the festive season in India, gold prices are falling.
Gold and silver prices fell on Tuesday in the international market.
On Monday, gold and silver prices recorded a decline in the bullion market.

New Delhi. On Tuesday, October 11, the prices of gold and silver have decreased in the international market. While the price of gold has decreased by 1.83%, the price of silver has also decreased by more than 3%. The global recession has also affected the Indian futures market. On the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), gold (Gold Rate Today) fell 0.31 in early trading on Tuesday. Silver on MCX fell by 0.62%.

On Tuesday, 24 carat pure MCX gold fell by Rs 170 to Rs 50,867 per 10 grams at 9:10 am. The price of gold closed at Rs 51,037 in the futures market yesterday after falling by Rs 923. Silver prices are also soft today at multi-commodity exchanges. Silver price fell by Rs 368 to Rs 58,734 today. Today, silver business started at Rs 58,800. Once the price fell to Rs 58,660. But, after some time it improved slightly and the price started trading at Rs 58,734.

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A sharp fall in the international market
Gold and silver prices fell sharply in the international market today, with the spot price of gold down 1.83% to $1,665.88 per ounce. The price of gold has been falling for the past several trading sessions. Along with gold, the price of silver has also decreased today. The spot price of silver fell 3.11% to $19.51 an ounce today. Silver price also fell by 1.86% yesterday.

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The bullion market also fell on Monday.
Gold and silver prices were recorded lower in the Indian bullion market on Monday. Ten grams of gold became cheaper by Rs 51,625. The price of one kg of silver also decreased to Rs 59,725. Gold fell by Rs 543 to Rs 51,625 per 10 grams at the Delhi bullion market on Monday. Like gold, silver also fell by Rs 2,121 to Rs 59,725 per kg. Silver had closed at Rs 61,846 per kg in the previous trading session.

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