New Delhi. It is said that anything can be achieved in life with firm intention, unwavering faith. However, there are very few people who stick to their intentions even in the face of difficulties, but those who can do so, success kisses their feet. One such person is Gaurav Parashar, who started his career in the medical field in 2004. It was then that he decided to make his place in this field. They are providing better medical devices to doctors through three companies.

Along with this, standard medicines are also being made available to common people at very cheap prices. Guru and his team of experts always work on the quality of their work and maintain the same level. Gaurav has over 15 years of experience in the medical field and as a pharmacist his focus is on developing medicines that are quick to cure and free from side effects. He is one of the few young entrepreneurs working in this sector.

He built a chain of companies, including SSS-SR Surgical, Z Plus, LookMed Health Care. Lakmed Healthcare is established in 2021. It is also known as Lucky Med Pharmacy. Lakmed has been operated keeping in mind the customers due to which it is getting a good response. It is hoped that young businessman and a party Yuva Morcha Minister Gaurav Prashar will set some new and reliable dimensions towards better health and medical services in India with the strength of his reliable and professional team.

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