Nandurbar Rain: It has started raining again in different parts of the state. The farmers of the state are in trouble due to heavy rains. This withdrawal of rain has badly affected the agricultural crops. Nandurbar district also received heavy rains. Due to this, along with soybean, the cotton crop has also suffered heavy losses. On the other hand, red chillies bought by traders are also likely to get spoiled. Chilli turns black due to rain water. Traders are also worried about this.

Selected cotton gets wet and gets spoiled

It has been raining heavily in Nandurbar district for the last two days. This has affected the farmers. It has rained everywhere in the district and there has been heavy damage to the cotton and soybean crops ready for harvesting. Paddy cultivation has also been badly affected by this. Farmers had already come to Metakuti due to the outbreak of cotton scorch disease in the district. In this, cotton has suffered heavy damage due to frequent rains. The selected cotton is getting wet and getting spoiled. On the other hand, there is a possibility of spoilage of red chillies bought by the traders. Chilli turns black due to rain water. Due to this the traders are incurring huge losses. The returning rains have affected both farmers and traders. The farmers have demanded to announce immediate relief to the farmers by making a Panchnama of the loss caused by the return rains.

Rain in different parts of the state

The rain has shook the state. It is raining heavily in many areas. Rivers are in spate. According to the forecast given by the Meteorological Department, there has been heavy rain in Mumbai and Thane areas. It rained heavily throughout the night in Mumbai. Due to this rain, water has accumulated in low-lying areas and traffic has been affected. Also Kolhapur in the state, PuneIt has also rained in Solapur, Hingoli, Washim, Palghar, Yavatmal, Latur districts.
Rain forecast in the state today

Meanwhile, rain has been predicted in the state today as well. Today, a yellow alert has been issued in the entire state regarding rain. Citizens have been appealed to be alert. Thunderstorm accompanied with rain and strong wind is likely to occur in the state in the next four to five days.

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