Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Assam was very special.
He emphasized on the construction of dams and avoiding flood disasters.
Discussion on points like attracting private investment

Priti Priya Darshan.

Guwahati. Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s three-day visit to Assam was significant in many ways. From inaugurating the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) biggest headquarters in the Northeast to addressing workers to officials, the yatra was electrifying. Important aspects like floods, disasters, construction of dams, maintaining natural water bodies and attracting private investment were also discussed in the visit.

Amit Shah held a meeting with all Chief Ministers (CMs) and Director Generals of Police (DGP) on these issues. He also reviewed the drug situation in the state and North East. Amit Shah held a detailed discussion on crime in the state with Superintendents of Police of all districts at PTC Durgaon. Also, Amit Shah chaired the 70th Plenary Meeting of North Eastern Council in Guwahati. He urged the Chief Ministers of North Eastern States to make full use of NESAC for flood control, tourism, forestry and agriculture.

In his first debate, Shah emphasized that flood prevention is crucial if Assam is to develop further and attract significant private investment. He said the state should create a long-term plan, which would provide flood protection for decades to come, and not just focus on short-term measures. After worshiping at the Kamakhya temple, he attended the 70th Plenary Meeting of the North Eastern Council in Guwahati. Shah said that the Government of India has made efforts in the last eight years to establish peace in the North East, increase connectivity and prioritize the development of the region.

Amit Shah asserted that the Assam government should prepare a concrete action plan to protect and restore wetlands in the state and increase their holding capacity to act as storage reservoirs during floods. Can also work on He said that the state should take all the steps including making a law for the protection of water bodies and making a mechanism for its implementation.

Amit Shah said that a meeting will soon be convened with the Ministry of Fire, Power and State to discuss measures to add more flood control storage reservoirs along with hydroelectric projects in Arunachal Pradesh to reduce floods. can go. Talking about drug trafficking in the region, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said, “During 2014-2022, drugs worth Rs 20,000 crore were burnt in India, while celebrating 75 years of India’s independence. For, we have sold 75,000 kg. The target was to incinerate. We are doing more. We have been successful in our mission even though two neighboring countries Pakistan and Myanmar are completely involved in drugs. First priority is Myanmar. Trafficking of heroin and meth through rivers should be stopped.

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