Yogendra Yadav said about former Congress president Rahul Gandhi – A leader is one who can gather energy around him.
Yadav said – Today the country is at a point where we cannot say whether the constitution will survive after three years or not.
He said that I have not seen an honest leader like Rahul Gandhi in this country.

New Delhi. Congress’ ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ has been going on for the past one month and it is currently in Karnataka. Various implications are being drawn about this journey. Five questions on ‘Language’ from ‘Swaraj India’ leader Yogendra Yadav and their answers.

Question: Until a few years ago you used to criticize the Congress and what was the sudden change of heart that you joined this yatra?
the answer: At present, the country is facing an unprecedented crisis. Today, the country is at a point where we cannot say whether the constitution will survive three years from now. Don’t make big shots at such a big crisis. I had said before the 2019 Lok Sabha election results that the Congress should be shut down. I said about Rahul Gandhi then and I am repeating it today that I have not seen an honest leader like Rahul Gandhi in this country and people do not know his intelligence.

My rules and policies have not changed. At that time I criticized the Congress because in such a decisive election you could not stand on the street and fight the BJP. The difference today is that Congress is doing something about its responsibility.

Question: Will this visit change the image of Rahul Gandhi?
the answer: A leader is someone who can gather energy around him. In the last 30 days, meaningful and positive energy has been gathering around Rahul Gandhi. Why that picture (of giving a speech in the rain) went viral because it had energy… If they have energy with them, it is good for them, for the Congress and for the country.

Question: Can Rahul Gandhi and the Congress move towards leading the opposition in the next Lok Sabha elections after this visit?
the answer: I am not interested in the question of who will be the face of opposition in 2024… It is certain that BJP’s path in 2024 is not as easy as it is campaigning. The condition of BJP is very bad. If the opposition stands up and fights, it will be very difficult for the BJP. If the Congress shows strength in around 200 Lok Sabha seats in a direct contest with the ruling party, the BJP could be out of power at the Centre.

Question: Will you join Congress?
the answer: It is no secret that we are supporting this journey. We are better able to do this because we are not in Congress. The principle is not to support this party, but to oppose it. The principle is what kind of India I want to see.

Question: Today you are standing with Congress, do you have any regret for standing with Anna Andolan and Aam Aadmi Party people?
the answer: I was not part of ‘India Against Corruption’, I supported them… I have no shame in supporting the anti-corruption movement, I am sorry that a party was allowed to take over the Aam Aadmi Party and this was wrong I have myself to blame for that. I am ashamed when this party does not speak during the riots, raising the Rohingya issue.

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