Nayanthara Vignesh: South actress Nayanthara And Vignesh Shivan means you came all surprised bananas in ividal chhamlachi anandachi batami sharekirt. Vigneshne Tianchaya got a banana injury by sharing Julia Malanche’s photo on social media. Just wanted to surprise Hi Batami Alyantar Nayantarcha Baby Bump Disla Nasliyane. Yanantara Chittiani started surrogacy but the actual adoption was Gatlyachiya Atkali Bandhaniya. Chalihani or Babait Wegley style bandhila started. There are many sages of mere knowledge, certainly some medical cases have come to India. Thiamule came or matters came to the notice of the Tamil Nadu Government.

Or Satara Judpiala Lagnachia Oghya four months longevity issue. Nayantara and Vignesh Sarkar or Nishniwar take to social media. The Tamil Nadu Government or Judiciary issued orders with caution.

Nayantara and Vignesh mean they break the rules?

The actress has officially spoken on social media as Nayantara and Vignesh i.e. Surugaseecha Madhatun have accepted parenthood. Lagnaadich tyani ye are planning why are there bananas? Well, many people are talking about the work of other surrogacy contexts. Tajgyanche mahne ahe ki, any special case category, janwari 2022 pasoon surrogacy in rural areas was declared Karnayat Ali. Timule Nayantara and Vignesh ie Violation of Laws Banal Asu Shakte.

Tamil Nadu Health Care Order

Rural Areas January 2022 Passon Surrogacy in any special case was declared inadmissible. Or the episode speaks on Monday of Journalist Council Tamil Nadu Health Minister MA Subramaniam Mahanale, ‘Ya episode ki choksi ki gale aur sarkar ya judpiyakadon narathi magnar ahi. Surrogacy ha swatch is a thick promise topic, but, kadyane tiach lokana surogasicha support karnaichi parangi ahe, Janaye age is more than 21 years and less than 36 years of age. Among the family, only recognition would be denied.

In mid-December 2021, nationwide ‘Surogasi Qaida 2021’ approved Jhala and 25 January 2022 Pisun or Kyadiachi Anmal Bajwani. Or commercial surrogacy would be covered by the law, only philanthropic surrogacy would be allowed. ‘Humane surrogacy’ means that most of the time the surrogate does not pay money, time spent on medical expenses and life insurance charges.

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Nayanthara-Vignesh’s Children: Nayanthara and Vignesh Jhale ‘Aam-Apa’, Actress Chhyaghari Junancham Arrival!

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