Almost all countries have their own intelligence agency.
The name of the agency working as secret agency in our country is RAW.
RAW was established in 1968.

New Delhi: In almost all the countries of the world, the security of one’s country is given priority. For which the government makes strict arrangements in every possible way. Along with this, all the countries have their own intelligence agency keeping in mind the national security. Many classified information related to the country is prevented from leaving the country by these intelligence agencies. Along with this, intelligence information of other countries is also collected. In this way, any kind of attack in the country can be stopped prematurely.

The name of India’s intelligence agency is RAW (RAW). The people working in it are called agents of Ra. These people are vigilant for the security of the country. Let us tell you that the complete form of RA is the Research and Analysis Wing.

How to become a RAW agent?
If a candidate wants to join Indian Raw Department then he/she has to join Defense Sector or Indian Civil Services Department first. Candidates have to clear the interview after passing the exams conducted in these departments. After successful in which the candidate is included in these departments.

To become a RAW agent in national level service a candidate has to work mainly in defense and security for a long time – Central Intelligence Officer, IPS Officer, CID Officer too. In the RAW Department, sometimes the employees working in Civil Services Department or Police Department are also selected on the basis of their work and intelligence.

This skill is essential to becoming an agent of Ra.
1. Computer hacking
2. Special work skills.
3. Sharp in strength and intelligence

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1. To pursue a career in it, a candidate must have a graduation or post-graduation degree from any recognized university.

How much will the salary be?
There is no fixed salary in this field. In this the candidates are also given salary up to Rs.

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