Informing about the change in his behavior in jail, a senior jail official said that Khamra spends most of his time in jail reading religious and inspirational books. Not only this, but they are sincerely following all the rules of the jail. He was recently acquitted in a case due to lack of evidence, the officer said. The alleged serial killer’s wife and son occasionally visit him in prison. The police claimed that 34 cases of murder were registered against him. He also pleaded guilty to the murders after his arrest in 2018. Most of those he killed were truck drivers and their associates. He along with his other colleagues used to transport the goods loaded in these trucks from one place to another. Adesh Khamra hails from Mandideep in Raisin district of Madhya Pradesh. In fact, in 2018, an associate of the Khamra gang was arrested for killing a truck driver and robbing a loaded barricade in Balkheria on the outskirts of Bhopal. When the police questioned him strictly, Khamara was caught. Other accused were also arrested.

In the police investigation, Adesh Khamra allegedly made shocking revelations. With the help of his gang, he committed 34 murders in 6 states over a period of nine years. In fact, in 2018, Raisin’s Makhan Singh left Barrage in a truck, but was ambushed by the Adesh Khamra gang on the way. The truck was found abandoned near Bhopal. In the investigation of the Makhan Singh murder case, the police linked the links and reached Jakaran, Khamra’s associate. Then there were 9 arrests one after the other. Adesh Khamra was captured from the jungles of Sultanpur. According to the police, the order recorded all the incidents as history. (also from input language)

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