Ghaziabad. If you are buying or planning to buy a flat in Ghaziabad, NCR in the future, you should know about the builder’s registry. Otherwise you may have problems later. Ghaziabad Stamp Department has issued notices to 45 small and big builders. Action can be taken against them too.

Ghaziabad Stamp Department through sub-registrar surveyed housing projects having 500 to 1000 flats and only 150-200 flats were registered. The physical survey revealed that the number of families living in these residential buildings of the builder is more than the number of registered flats. That is, builders are allowing people to occupy flats without registration. The builder has collected the amount of registry and stamp duty from the buyers but the stamp department has not been paid. Thus the builder is cheating people. In the survey, more than 500 such flats have been found whose possession has been given without registration.

According to ADM Finance and Revenue Vivek Srivastava, more than 45 builders have been identified who have not registered even after giving possession of flats. Notices are being given to them. If the registration is not done even within the notice period, a case will be registered. Apart from this, a survey is being conducted to identify such builders in other areas as well. Notice will be issued to them soon.

Finance and Revenue Currently, around 500 flats identified in the survey have an estimated value of over Rs 120 crore. The administration will get seven percent stamp duty and one percent registration fee on this amount of Rs 120 crore. That is, if these 500 flats are registered, the stamp department can get a revenue of around Rs 9.60 crore.

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