Shivam Singh/ Bhagalpur. People from the minority community play shehnai during Navratri at Buddhanath temple in Bhagalpur city of Bihar. Which also shows the undying love of Shehnai players for Maa Durga. In fact, this tradition was started in 1981 by the famous Shehnai player Allah Khan and his family which continues even today.

The famous shehnai player Allah Khan started this tradition and it is carried on by his family. Bhagalpur’s famous Buddhanath temple started playing shehnai for 10 days in the temple premises to appease Maa Durga during Sharadiya Navratri. we do. Every day during Durga Puja, shehnai is played in the temple premises from 5 am to 7 am and from 5 pm to 7 pm. People in the vicinity wake up playing their shehnai during Durga Puja. Along with this, the shehnai players also worship the mother by playing the tunes of Puriya, Yaman, Bhairu and Durga through the shehnai.

Even after the death of the brother, the tradition is kept alive.
Shehnai player Allah Khan’s younger brother said that his elder brother had played shehnai here for many years. Even after his death in 2017, this tradition continues. After his brother’s death, Nazakat Hussain along with his brother-in-law Sajid Hussain, elder brother Jameer Hussain and nephew Azam Hussain have been playing shehnai continuously during Durga Puja. resides in Bhagalpur and his brother-in-law and brother come from Benares and play shehnai during Durga Puja.

Shehnai played because of faith in mother
Shehnai player Nizakat Hussain said that faith in the mother is so unwavering that the Buddhanath temple is pulled during Durga Puja. After playing the shehnai for 10 days in the temple, whatever money is received, it is accepted as Maa’s offering. His faith in his mother is still strong today. The tradition of playing shehnai, which was started by his elder brother, will continue.

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