Ravi Vishnoi and Rituraj Gaekwad made their ODI debuts.
An unsolicited record attached to the narrator’s name

New Delhi. Two Indian players got a chance to make their debut in the first match of the three ODI series between India and South Africa. Batsman Rituraj Gaikwad and young spinner Ravi Bishnoi both got their ODI debuts for India. Surprisingly, this match was nothing special for both the players. Bishnoi got a very embarrassing record in this match.

The young Bishnoi made his debut for India and in that match, he achieved an unloved record that was never thought of. In the first ODI as an Indian spinner, he scored the most runs and managed to take just one wicket. Due to rain, this match was restricted to 40-40 overs. South Africa scored 249 runs for 4 wickets.

Bowlers who spent runs on debut

In his debut ODI for India, Ravi took 1 wicket and conceded 69 runs in 8 overs. Earlier, the name of Bishan Singh Bedi, who took 2 wickets for 68 runs in 10 overs, was on top of this list. Nikhil Chopra took 1 wicket with 65 runs in 10 overs in his first ODI. Washington Sundar also showed a similar performance on his ODI debut. Karan Sharma failed to take a wicket after conceding 64 runs in his first ODI.

  • Ravi Bishnoi 1/69 (8 overs)
  • Bishan Singh Bedi 2/68 (11 overs)
  • Nikhil Chopra 1/65 (10 overs)
  • Washington Sundar 1/65 (10 Overs)
  • Karan Sharma 0/64 (10 overs)

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