The coach said that the team has prepared well ahead of the tournament with tours to Italy, Norway and Spain.
India will play the other group matches against Morocco and Brazil on October 14 and 17 respectively.
The top two teams from each group of four will advance to the quarterfinals.

Bhubaneswar. India are clearly the underdogs at the FIFA Women’s Under-17 World Cup, which begins on Tuesday, but head coach Thomas Dennerby on Sunday said the hosts have nothing to lose and will go on to win the prestigious age-group title. Looking forward to Ready to compete. . India will begin their campaign against the USA at the Kalinga Stadium here on Tuesday and Dennerby said it was time for the teams to show that they can compete with the best in the world.

“It’s not just about results anymore. It’s about demonstrating and showing that Indian girls can play football. But of course we have our own goals within the team and we’re ready to challenge them,” Danerby said. are

Indian team eager to put up a good show: Coach
“We are determined to score points and goals against America, Brazil or Morocco,” the coach said. We will show the Indian fans that we have a good team,” Danerby said. “We want to do well. So they can feel that India can really challenge the best teams in the world and it’s good to have role models for young girls.”

“And hopefully some of these girls can make the senior team in the next few years and that way you can see them as role models for many years to come,” he said. Young girls should know that they can have a successful career in soccer.

We prepared well before the World Cup: Coach
The Swedish coach said his team had prepared well with tours to Italy, Norway and Spain ahead of the tournament. “I hope we are ready now,” he said. Let us tell you that India will play their second group matches against Morocco and Brazil on October 14 and 17 respectively. The top two teams from each group of four teams will advance to the quarterfinals.

Asked if he was under pressure to produce results, Denerby said, “Of course, when it comes to the World Cup or other big tournaments, all coaches are under pressure because everyone wants you to be a successful team. Talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the team, he said, “Now we are going into this tournament with a really good fitness level. All these things, training, running sessions. has helped a lot and we can see that our fitness level is good.

“She will be a little nervous, being nervous is part of concentration,” the coach said.
“The girls have learned positionally, where to go when we lose the ball and where to go when the ball comes back. All that strategic understanding and positioning has gone really well. I hope It will be difficult to score against us,” he said. “I hope she will be a little nervous. Being nervous is part of concentration. It is part of sports preparation to prepare the body. When the referee blows the whistle Then you have to forget all that. Then it’s just you and the ball and the teammates and the opponents.

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