Bhopal. In preparation for next year’s assembly elections Ratpani i happened BJP meeting Important information has come to light. Strict instructions were given to those who made unnecessary statements in the meeting. Workers were given full opportunity to express their views. After the feedback given by the workers, the organization can now take some tough decisions.

In the meeting, several important decisions have been taken based on the election strategy. Ministers will now have to spend the night as well as visit the districts in their charge. Meanwhile, the in-charge minister will inform the government and the organization about the feedback on the ground.

Direct communication with workers

According to the information received from the sources, it was also suggested in the meeting that the Chief Minister himself will contact at least 25 workers of each district. During this time he can also eat with them. The whole exercise is aimed at pacifying workers’ resentment ahead of the assembly elections in 2023. According to sources, some major decisions in the party may be taken within a fortnight.

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Delhi took the opinion

At the BJP meeting held in Ratapani, the central organization took the views of the state. According to sources, General Secretary of the National Organization BL Santosh gave free hand to all the ministers and important officials present in the meeting to express their views. It was even said that if they do not keep their word on this platform then where will they keep it. In such a case, some major decisions are likely to be taken after the feedback received from the central organization during the meeting. Apart from BL Santosh, National Organization General Secretary Shiv Prakash, Regional Organization General Secretary Ajay Jamwal along with state in-charge Muralidhar Rao, CM Shivraj and state president VD Sharma also attended the meeting.

Can’t stand rhetoric

In the meeting, the officials of the central organization expressed their displeasure over the rhetoric of the leaders in Madhya Pradesh. He questioned why the public rhetoric of the leaders is not stopping. The party has made it clear that public rhetoric of any leader will not be tolerated. In such a situation, it is believed that now if a leader makes an open statement, action against him is certain. Clear instructions were given that leaders and workers should avoid unnecessary rhetoric and focus on promoting government schemes.

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