Twitter Launches vertical videos: Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube shorts twittervery Vertical middle video Pahata Yenar injury. Tweeternam aaplya uzarsala draw karanyasathi’s new feature Analam Ahe. Or new features like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube shorts

Both new procedures have hurt Twitter users. Immersive viewing and easy discovery In the middle of the Apalia blog, Mutli tweeted, ‘Video is an integral part of public health. je ghadteya te shodnam and dakhavanam sopan karanyasathi, Aamhi twitter yuzarsala videocha experience Changla vhava Yasathi Both advanced features immersive visuals and easy discovery appeal.’

How does the new feature work?
Twitter In the blog According to Dilelya Mahiti, “Twitter’s updated Immersive Media Viewer only clicks after a video is full screen until it expands.

In the middle of video full screen mode, you come to search for other videos. Very interesting video search karnam has started. Now your screen will scroll. Jar Tumhala Yaton Baher Nighaichan Asel and Tweetchaya Homepagevar Jaychan Asel Tar.. Varati Davya Bajula Aslelya Click back over…

Immersive Media Viewer Yanya Kahi Kahi Hai Uzur English Middle Twitter Karnainsaathi is going to apply Tyanantar Tharavik Kaalavdhinantar Sarvach Bhashansathi Vaprat Yeu Shakti.

New Video Crossbit Usersala Atta Sahajapane Applia Audiche Watch Tweets and Trends. Tyasobatch Sahajpane Avadiche Video Shodhata Yetil. Twitter Share Karanyaat Aale Popular Video Shodhanyasathi Users Discover Tabver Go Shakto. Sadhya Video Scrolls English Medium Twitter Vaparnanya Mozkyach Lokansathi is available on Android and iOS.

Fleet samante twitter is a very interesting feature. The company has started with an experimental principle. Twitter would have been a flat featurela Maghari Ghayawan Laglan. Because, they work systematically. Apart from Twitter, today all Android and iOS users have been given the option to edit tweets, the button O feature has started.

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