If the planet Mercury is weak in the horoscope, the pigeons should be fed grain.
Pigeons should not be allowed to nest in the house.
Pigeons should be fed in the yard instead of the roof.

Vastu Shastra: Plants and animals are also very important in our life. Animals, beasts, birds are not only important in keeping the earth in balance, but also indicate future events. It is mentioned in religious books. Birds often come and go in our house. Some birds start nesting in our house. According to the scriptures, nesting of birds is considered auspicious or inauspicious. So let’s know today whether it is good or bad to make a pigeon nest at home.

Pigeon nests
Pandit Indramini Ghansial It is said that the arrival of a pigeon in the house is a sign of happiness, peace and prosperity, but if the pigeons make a nest in a corner of the house, it is considered unlucky. It means that poverty is coming in your house. You may face financial crisis. Therefore, pigeons should not be allowed to nest in the house.

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Mercury is strong.
According to mythological scriptures, if the planet Mercury is debilitated in one’s horoscope, pigeons should be fed grain. It strengthens the planet Mercury and gives progress in life. Happiness and prosperity come to the house.

Do not pour grain on the roof
Often you have seen people herding pigeons on their rooftops. But, this should not be done. Pigeons should always be fed in the backyard. Due to which planet Rahu’s maiden is removed.

Blessings of Mother Lakshmi
Thus you should always feed the pigeons to get the blessings of Lakshmiji. It keeps peace in your family and keeps everyone in the house healthy. Along with this planet Mercury becomes strong and planet Rahu also remains calm.

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