Laptops tend to slow down as they get older.
Many applications do not respond properly during operation.
To fix this, we have come up with a simple recipe.

Increase Laptop Speed: When a laptop or computer gets old, it starts to slow down. This happens because you update the software but the hardware becomes outdated over time. Simply put, new software struggles to run on older hardware. In such a situation, many people frequently refresh or restart their laptop in the middle of work. And doing so wastes a lot of time.

Now the question must be rising in your mind that what is the way to avoid it? So here we are going to tell you an easy trick (Easy Laptop Hacks) with the help of which you can increase the speed of your computer laptop while working. And it will only take you a second. So let’s find out…

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Understand this keyboard trick.
If you use a Windows laptop or PC, you must know the shortcut reboot system. This is a sample of some keys on the keyboard that will speed up your computer in a second. You can use this trick whenever you feel that the computer is running very slow or applications are freezing frequently.

You have to press ‘Shift, Ctrl, Windows and B’ keys simultaneously on your computer or laptop keyboard. For this you first press Shift, then Ctrl, then Windows and finally B. Be careful not to lift your finger from the back button while pressing the buttons, remove your fingers only after pressing all the buttons.

Shift, Ctrl, Windows and B keys have to be pressed on the laptop keyboard.

This will restart and refresh all the important drivers of your laptop and your laptop will start running smoothly. Whenever your laptop slows down, you can speed it up by following this simple trick.

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